Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How would you like your Cloned steak prepared madam?

"How would you like your Cloned steak prepared madam?"  A sentence I hope I will never hear but having just read the following  article on the BBC website I am now wondering.

Meat of cloned cow offspring in UK food chain, FSA says

Now I understand sensationalism journalism and the need to cause a reaction; and normally I take everything with a pinch of salt but this is one subject I have strong opinions on.   Simply my opinion is:

I don't want my children to be eating meat or drinking milk from a cloned cow or animal of any kind, in fact I don't want to be consuming it either! 

Whether I am buying fruit, veg or meat I try to buy local organic or free range only as I want to know that my children are eating food which is good for them and is as fresh as possible. So this really disturbs me.  The article goes on to say:

"Earlier this week, a British dairy farmer said he used milk from a cow produced from a cloned parent, but UK dairy industry body DairyCo said it was "confident" no milk from such animals had entered the human food chain."
Is that good enough?   I am sure the farmer knows the history of his cow and yet the industry body is denying knowledge.   If ever cloned embryos have had a part of the food process then we have a right to know through clear labelling and then we can choose if we want to buy that particular item, but to be consuming such products without any understanding is, well I think scary.

Thankfully MEPs have recently voted in favour of a law that would ban cloned meat and other animal products in the European food supply, though there is still another stage next month before it could become EU law.

What do you think?  Do you agree with cloning?  
Would you eat a steak or drink the milk of a cloned animal?


  1. I spoke to my FIL about this last night (dairy Farmer) and he said it would be pretty impossible and the farmer would be very neligent if this has happened.

    After the BSE and Foot and Mouth issues, all cows have cattle passports, clones animals are carefully followed and it tends to be bulls that are clones for breading and that in the US they are fine with it all.

    I do worry that the papers just jump on things without all the facts.

    Farming is a hard hard life

  2. Thanks Madhouse. I understand that the newspaper need to sell papers and so write news accordingly and I don't mean this to be a knock at farmers at all. I fully appreciate the hard work and effort for very little return that goes into their vocation. I just am very concerned that bureaucrats make decisions that we don't get a say in.

  3. Hi Nic, We probably have different views on this. I think it would taste no different.
    I would be happy to consume, and let my family consume meat or milk, eggs etc from cloned animals. I don't believe in the cloning of animals per se however if it has to be done and is done effectively then this could potentially provide a means for a long term solution for famine.
    I think this case refers to meat form a cloned cow's offspring. This is even more of a grey area, Are the offspring's parent's both cloned cows? Or is it a mixed breed of half natural, half cloned.
    Or in this instance, if the offspring was naturally born, does that negate the cloned element altogether.

    Great post btw and has left me pondering.


  4. My worry is that whilst some of us might be happy to consume cloned animal produce now, in a few decades we might discover that what was done now with good intentions might still be dangerous long-term. I saw a programme on the introduction of mass food production post-war, done to provide a starving country with food, but now that industry is plying us with sugar, salt and other crap. All detrimental to our health.

    But then compare a home cooked roast beef dinner from a cloned cow, to a ready meal - I bet the beef is better!

    Yes good post.-HMx

  5. I agree Humdrum,

    We don't know what's round the corner, we could find that in 10 years all those 'important' swine flu jabs have an ill effect. Let's pray not, but just an example.
    I guess we can just try and do our best as parents and hope the decision we make now have no detrimental effects in years to come. Although I said I would be happy to eat cloned meat, if it were next to real meat in a butchers and clearly marked as real or cloned, I would opt for real everytime. So I think I'll change my view to I would eat it out of neccessity rather than choice.