Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forecasting Emotions!

I have just been informed that my son has woken up feeling happy today with no grumpiness in sight but he does think he might feel a bit sad later but that it won't last for long then he will be happy again.

I felt like I was listening to a very bizarre weather forecast, bless him.  

I hope he is right, especially after he had a very grumpy day yesterday where everything was wrong.

I love being a mummy but a day like yesterday does make me wonder why I bother - a much nicer start to today so far - lots of hugs already and its only 9am.  Much better.

(Should add sorry I haven't been around,  the summer holidays are turning my life into a chaotic jumble of random events.....normality will be resumed soon :) )

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How would you like your Cloned steak prepared madam?

"How would you like your Cloned steak prepared madam?"  A sentence I hope I will never hear but having just read the following  article on the BBC website I am now wondering.

Meat of cloned cow offspring in UK food chain, FSA says

Now I understand sensationalism journalism and the need to cause a reaction; and normally I take everything with a pinch of salt but this is one subject I have strong opinions on.   Simply my opinion is:

I don't want my children to be eating meat or drinking milk from a cloned cow or animal of any kind, in fact I don't want to be consuming it either! 

Whether I am buying fruit, veg or meat I try to buy local organic or free range only as I want to know that my children are eating food which is good for them and is as fresh as possible. So this really disturbs me.  The article goes on to say:

"Earlier this week, a British dairy farmer said he used milk from a cow produced from a cloned parent, but UK dairy industry body DairyCo said it was "confident" no milk from such animals had entered the human food chain."
Is that good enough?   I am sure the farmer knows the history of his cow and yet the industry body is denying knowledge.   If ever cloned embryos have had a part of the food process then we have a right to know through clear labelling and then we can choose if we want to buy that particular item, but to be consuming such products without any understanding is, well I think scary.

Thankfully MEPs have recently voted in favour of a law that would ban cloned meat and other animal products in the European food supply, though there is still another stage next month before it could become EU law.

What do you think?  Do you agree with cloning?  
Would you eat a steak or drink the milk of a cloned animal?

Monday, August 02, 2010

The camera never lies?

I saw a feature on the BBC website today which made me think about all the photographs I have taken and amended; I believe it may be true that the camera never lies but photographers and Photoshop certainly do!

I do believe the camera doesn't lie BUT are  we creating a false truth by what we choose to include in a picture and what to omit by choosing our subject and view point.

Looking in one direction we might have a gorgeous sea/country/castle/garden view, whilst if you look in another you might only see pylons/waste land/ sewage works - so realistically which way will you face to take a photo for the family album?  Hmm, thought so unless you have a fetish for sewage you'll probably go for the nice view.  So already we are creating a distortion of the truth, or at least metaphorically attaching a rose coloured filter to the camera lens.

How often do we make sure our hair is brushed, check in a mirror and pull clothes straight before the shutter button is pressed? Personally for me, it is whenever I can - there is nothing worse than seeing a photograph with a big smile with a piece of food stuck in your teeth!

But this is where the joy of Photoshop comes in, we no longer have to bin a photograph or tear it in two like our ancestors.

If we aren't quite happy with a picture it is soooo easy to adjust it a little and have a little tweak here and there.   The original digital image of my first photo with my new born son does not exist, so no-one will ever see the huge red spot that was on my chin, that has disappeared into a digital oblivion.

Do I think this is wrong? Maybe a little but to me it is just a white lie, a little bit of vanity on my part.  I also know that this is not a life changing issue for anyone and is just for personal use.

Though to my shame I have manipulated photographs which I took for the local newspaper I worked for many years ago.   One of my jobs as a newspaper photographer was to photograph local sports at a weekend including football and rugby.  Often I had a very tight time schedule and would actually only be at a match for a short time before racing off to the next.   Once or twice my photos may have not actually had a ball in the shot, but by the time they were printed in the paper they did.  I never had a complaint, and I always prayed that the family would never order a copy of those photos - it definitely wasn't the camera that was lying, just me!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Head banging isn't always fun!

My clever boy is normally a very careful and  cautious little boy; he likes to think about things and make sure he can do them safely before he starts most things. Unfortunately though this week he has managed to test the strength of his head not just once but twice.

The first accident happened whilst he was rushing to get in the swimming pool for his swimming lesson and managed to loose his footing and fall backwards.  The loud crack of his head hitting the floor of the pool caused all the other parents to gasp!

My Girly Whirly is the one who has no fear so she had my attention as she had started to run to get in the pool too. If I had had any fear about one of them falling over it was definitely her.  Typically  it was the lesson I that Daddy hadn't come to. I missed all of my Girly Whirlys lesson as I was comforting my injured Clever Boy.  He did start initially to go a little sleepy but thankfully by talking to him and the help of another lovely mom we kept him awake, and other than red 'spotty' indentations on the back of his head (the pattern of the floor) on his head which became a nasty bruise he was fine.

Then yesterday he tested to see if the front of his head was as tough as the back, using a concrete fence post. Running around and playing he managed to trip and somehow fell hitting his head.   This time he has a lovely cut and another bruise, and other than the obvious upset seems ok, though he was worred about going to bed last night as he didn't want to get any blood on his pillow.

My boy is currently going through a speedy growth spurt so I am hoping that this new found clumsiness is a temporary glitch as he re-finds his balance otherwise I will be wrapping him in cotton wool.  Ok I won't as bumps and scrapes are all part of growing up but I'd definitely like to keep any head banging as an accompaniment to heavy metal!