Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wow - it was a scary but life changing moment!

I have only just realised how long it has been since I last posted.

I had so many intentions of coming back and updating you after my DS had his suspected meningitis scare in hospital, thank you everyone for all your kind wishes and support - he is now absolutely fine and thankfully it was a false alarm. Sorry I haven't been back sooner.

The whole incident became a rather pivotal moment where I realised life was starting to pass me by and I was just letting it, so I decided to try and start doing something about it.

I thought about how and why that was happening, and mostly it came down to finances, a lack of them.  Now I know you can do lots and enjoy life lots without money but there are just some things that are soooo much easier with some spare cash I realised it was time to start focusing on my business again.  Being a one income family is hard and I had always said that I would aim to start building the business back up when the children are at school, well my youngest is at pre-school now. So here I am.

So far the main thing I have done is reorganise how I use my day, I make sure I fit in all my jobs when I have my DD, as you already know she is a Domestic Goddess so she loves helping me out.  Which leaves my time when she is at pre-school free to work, its not a lot of time but it is better than before!

So what have I done, well the world has moved on whilst I have been a mom so I have been trying to update my skills and bring myself up-to-date and start networking but my most exciting achievement is that I have launched another blog!  lol!

I discovered I love blogging so much and that I find and meet so many wonderful businesses that I wanted to blog about them and offer giveaways.  It is a sort of half way between here and my business, so I can sort of justify it :)

So thats where I have been and what I have been up to, I just can't believe it has taken me so long.  But I am back and I intend to not leave it so long next time!

Oh yes, my new blog is . Look I have a logo and everything lol!

It is still very new but I have launched my first giveaway, which is a beautiful pendant necklace courtesy of .

Don't let her name fool you, her jewellery is suitable for any occasion!  (Sorry let my Nixi Speak persona take over!)    Either please pop and have a look, leave me a comment to say 'Hi!' and enter the giveaway, you have nothing to loose but potentially a beautiful new necklace to win!

See you soon!   xx


  1. Have been over and left my comment, plus subscribed too!

  2. Fantastic - thank you!! Hope you are ok! and Good Luck!

  3. So glad your DS is ok and good luck for the new blog!

  4. Thanks Tracey. Hope you entered the Giveaway!!


  5. Having just been on hols for a week, I am doing some catchup. Will hop over to your new blog tho. I am glad too that DS is fine, sometimes life kicks you for a reason eh? Good that a positive is coming out of such an awful experience - HMx

  6. Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I am off to check out your new blog now. But you will keep on posting here, too, right?