Wednesday, July 21, 2010

we should not judge ourselves on other peoples faults!

I have learnt something this week which I needed to know and would want to know but really wish I didn't have to know.

I find myself apologising for what happened - even though it was before I was born!  Then a friend, without being told what had come to light recognised something was wrong and said to me:

"I have come to accept we should not judge ourselves on other peoples faults!"  

Her words of wisdom were perfectly timed.  I still need to come to terms with the information, but I know none of it is my responsibility and as such I cannot bear any guilt.


  1. She is right and I guess this is a family issue, we shouldn't bear any guilt for any other family member's faults! -HMx

  2. Very wise words from your friend! PS -- I highlighted your blog on BMB.

  3. Thanks HM, xx

    Modern Mother - she is very wise and kind! Thank you!!