Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasures!

I feel really guilty admitting this publicly, but it is a Saturday and instead of the usual hustle and bustle there is peace and quiet, well except for the tap tap of my fingers on the keyboard! And I am really enjoying it!

It has made me remember an occasion when a year or so ago when my clever boy was still only part time at pre-school and my girly whirly was at home full time with me.

I was walking up to school to collect my clever boy (I may be bias but I think he is clever hence my name for him!) and talking to another mum who was telling  me how she had just really enjoyed her couple of hours alone time by having a relaxing and luxurious bath.  At the time I just thought how decadent to have a bath in the middle of a week day afternoon, now I fully appreciate her sentiments.

My girly whirly is at pre-school now and I survive for those couple of hours each day where I can think clearly without interruption, where I can start a job and finish it or just drink a cup of tea in peace.  But for the last week and half I have had either my girly whirly at home or my clever boy as they have been suffering with a virus which has caused really high temperatures and sickness.   So when Gran and Grandad said they wanted to have them both, regardless of health, on a Saturday as the local carnival goes along the road at the fron of their house I nearly cheered.

Hurray for Gran and Grandads, and also for overtime for Daddy as it means I can really have some peace and quiet and catch up with my blogging!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your peace and quiet and that the kids feel better soon,I'm sure the summer hols will perk them up!

  2. Sounds practically perfectly lovely! Lucky you. I am looking forward to half a day to myself come September (change in hours and Elf starts school). I may try that daytime bath malarky. -HMx

  3. Thanks Tracey - not sure the summer hols will perk me up though ;)

    HM - make the most of those short few hours, it won't be long until you wonder how you survived without them!