Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funny or just plain wrong?

'My Clever Boy' has always had a fascination with cars and a couple of years ago had a particular interest in Mini's.   So we had no concerns about watching the iconic and original film 'The Italian Job', mainly for the scenes of the minis racing around.

But that was a few years ago and it is still a film we still watch occasionally but now my two are older and are recognising and mimicking things they hear and see including;

I never know whether to be proud of their cultural awareness or to cringe at the words coming out of their mouths.  They have never used the words in any other context, and my son in particular even manages to impersonate Michael Caine's cockney accent and both have perfected the inflections used to emphasise the word 'bloody'.

To be honest I normally find it really funny and I have been known to encourage them to 'perform' to Grandparents but I do wonder if really I should be stopping them.

I'd love to know your thoughts?


  1. As long as the kids know the context, I personally don't have a problem with it. They will learn much worse off other kids at school!

  2. Thanks Mail. They know that it is a phrase from a film, so yes I think they do know the context.

  3. I agree - they will get much worse from the playground without having any idea of the meaning of what they are saying... As parents we do have to be careful as it's amazing what little ears pick up when we think they are not listening. My nephew, aged 4, managed to shock his Nanny with a comment about 'F***ing traffic lights' He had no idea what he was saying but he'd heard mummy say it once...

  4. As Elf's grandparents and dad LOVE that film, they would be chuffed to bits to hear him say that. Well done I say! Elf is on hols with those grandparents now and keeps saying BUGGERS. I really don't know where he got it from. Honest! -HMx

  5. My kids use that word all the time because it doesn't mean much here (USA) or people think it's really quaint. I have to remind them that in England it's not as clever for kids to say it in the middle of a sentence. As long as they're "performing" I'm sure no one will take offence.

  6. Anthea - oh no, I hope he hasn't said it again, and you are so right the playground is the worst place.

    Humdrum - thank you! lol, it is so easy to forget what we are saying until they repeat it back to us!

    Expat - I didn't know it was quaint in USA...guess that changes some of the meaning in the Italian Job then!! Thank you for commenting :)