Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Belated Birthday

Thankfully it is only my blog post which is late, and not my son's 5th birthday celebrations! 

(It seems like only yesterday that I was worrying about it but somehow it is nearly 4 weeks since his birthday already.   OMG I have just realised it is only 11 months till he is 6 now lol!)

Anyway we were worried about the weather right up until the last minute.  Even as the bouncy castle was being inflated the dark clouds were lingering and threatening us with rain but thankfully as the party guests started to arrive the clouds dispersed and left us with a glorious afternoon to enjoy.

All the children had lots of fun including the gatecrashers - two brothers and their sister from around the corner -  they saw the bouncy castle and invited themselves and we couldn't  turn them away!  

The bouncy castle was a big hit but the biggest and cheapest hit! were the rocket balloons which Daddy had the job of blowing up and then everyone loved letting go.  We still have a couple stuck in a tree too!

We did have a couple of party games which worked wonderfully to calm everyone down before tea.  For tea everyone had a picnic on the grass!

My son wanted a house birthday cake as he loves houses and anything structural or architectural, so I had a go at making a house, but to try an make it a little more interesting I added some balloons coming from the chimney like in  Disney's film 'UP!'   

What do you think?  Most of the decoration was done by candlelight as we had a long power cut the night before his birthday!!  So it was all good fun!!

My son loved it so much we weren't allowed to cut it!!

I am sure if I hadn't posted closer to the big day then  I would have remembered lots more details of the day but suffice to say a fantastic time was had by all and we definitely made a good decision in having it at home, though not sure I would have been saying that if it had rained!!!!!!


  1. Wow, love the cake and the ballons look so cool.
    really glad it all went well. they all look very happy in the bouncy castle! and even the weather stayed fine.
    Jo x

  2. Looks like he had a fab birthday and the cake looks amazing - home-made but in the right way if you know what I mean. I could never bake like that. Well done you - HMx