Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why didn't Baby Two Ears didn't answer me?

Just a quick post because this made me chuckle.

My little boy in in Reception class and today, from what he has just told me, they have been talking about the story of Easter, but I think he may have misunderstood a little.   

Here is a little of the Easter story as told to me my by nearly 5 year old son:

"Baby Two Ears, er  no, I mean Jesus,  died when he was an adult.  He was buried in a tube and the skeleton of him flew into the air and went to heaven in the sky.  He has stayed there for a very long time." 

He then added:

"You can talk to Baby Jesus.  You need to be outside, or have your windows open so your voice can go up to the sky.  I talked to him earlier in the hall.  Mummy why didn't he answer me?"

It made me laugh. 


  1. Out of the mouth of babes! Hope baby two ears gets back to him soon!

  2. Love it! My two are trying to fathom religion out at the moment!

  3. Excellent, buried in a tube! My friend's boy (bit older I think) asked his parents Where is Jesus? They replied In Heaven. He said No, Jesus is all around. Hmm they were certainly put in their place!

    I've tagged you for a photo meme

  4. Ah bless. I can remember a friend's child making a very blunt comment about the immaculate conception, but I'll leave that to your imagination!