Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Mummy, are you proud of me?"

At just before 7am on this cold but bright sunny Sunday morning I was woken by the patter of small footsteps coming into my bedroom; if only it could have been an hour or so later!

My litle girl, Boo, lifted up the duvet and climbed into bed for a cosy Mummy cuddle.  Awwwww.   

This is a regular occurance and is also one of the best times of my day; yes she does it nearly every morning!   Boo wanders in, half asleep and when she sees me open my eyes to welcome her in she gives me the most beautiful. loving smile I have ever seen and we have some just 'us' time.  It melts my heart .   She snuggles in for a cosy cuddle and if I am lucky she relaxes and dozes off to a peaceful sleep, and so do I.  How idylic.  Hmmmm. 

I wish!  Yes it is wonderful and I am enjoying it while it lasts, she is now 3 years old, and I know that in 10 or so short years (probably a lot less but I can hope) the last thing she will want to do is creep into my bedroom for a cuddle; but (why is there always a 'but'?) for some inexplicable reason she feels like she has spent the night in a freezer, and so I am actually rudely awakened by, what feels like blocks of ice being placed next to me.  Brrrrrrrr. 

I can't stand being cold and love to feel warm and cosy so I am always amazed that it doesn't seem to bother her; and worse within a couple of minutes of me trying to warm her up and wrap her in my duvet she is kicking my duvet off her, and me.    Add to that the fact that she very rarely settles back down to sleep preferring instead to talk, poke or prod me (one of her favourite games is to poke my nose and loudly shout 'beep' at varying pitches) or generally just fidget so much that I end up getting up to make sure Daddy and her big brother aren't disturbed; then it isn't really that idylic,  well apart from that smile full of unconditional love.

(I should add though that mornings when I just don't have the energy to get up I can manage to ignore her for long enough that Daddy will get up and I get a lie in, like yesterday when she came wandering in at 6.30am!)

This morning though she came through and as usual didn't settle back down to sleep but instead looked sincerely in to my eyes and very seriously asked "Mummy are you proud of me?"

Of course my answer was 'YES'!   I know my little girl is the best, most adorable, beautiful  and clever girl ever,  as I know my son is the best, most adorable, wittiest, gorgeous, intelligent boy ever.   I make sure I tell them this every single day.  

(I do accept that I am not the only one to believe this of my children, but I know I am the only one that is right in my beliefs!! )  :)

So now I want to know why did she ask me?  I can't help it,  I worry about everything!


  1. Ah bless her. Mine stopped wanting cuddles about 8 or 9, but now aged 12 she is a cuddly girl again, so there is hope!

  2. We have this every morning and it is the best part of the day, as long as it is after 6am!!

  3. I really hope my girly cuddles don't stop for long PaintInkAndStamps - gives me hope that it can come back!!

    Madhouse you are better than me, I only cope if they are after 6.30am!

  4. my daughter does this but she doesn't cuddle she pokes and whines till you get up with her!

  5. I get poked in my boobs with knees and feet in bed. Why is it Elf lies horizontally across me and Other Half, but I get kicked?

    I do get lovely cuddles from him though, sometimes boys are more cuddly??

  6. Humdrum Mum - I always thought boys were more cuddly, and my little boy (nearly 5) is, but my little girl (to steal one her phrases) is super cuddly!