Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've been tagged!! woohoo!

I know I am being silly but I am really excited that I have been tagged by A Humdrum Mum for my first photo MeMe.

Thank you!!   I am excited because I now feel like I am achieving something in Blog Land but also because I have a valid excuse to go and search through my  photographs. 

We are paranoid in our family about loosing our precious digital photographs; if they get corrupted they are irreplaceable so they are stored on my computer in the spare bedroom , which I like to call my office, which at the moment does not connect to the internet, just in case!  

It has occurred to me though that in the 'old days' when we had negatives and prints nobody worried about keeping their negatives in a fire proof safe just in case though, so maybe we are being over-protective!!   Once we have a back-up of all our photo's maybe we will relax.  Last week my hubby convinced me that we needed to invest in a 1TB HDD primarily for the purpose of backing up all our data,  I am now thinking that actally that was really because the PS3 memory was nearly full!   Hmmm, conned again!

So I will be venturing to 'my office' to browse and recapture some memories and will post back soon!

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  1. I was so excited to have been tagged by London City Mum too! X