Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Super Fun!

AAAAAARG!   I have just started getting used to having a couple of hours a day to do what I want/need to do as my youngest daughter started pre-school mid January and next week is have a half term .  AAAAARG!  

What am I going to do? 

She loves those couple of hours at pre-school, as she tells me everyday is 'SUPER SUPER FUN!'    My son loves school - he has a fantastic teacher.

I love those couple of hours too because I can run around and clean the house, tidy the toys, catch up with friends and go round the shops in half the time it tackes with my children in tow.  Don't get me wrong I love my children but suddenly I really appreciate that by having two hours a day on my own I am actually able to give them more quality time so it is win win!   Which all helps in my quest to have them always think of me as Practically Perfect!

So how am I going to cope and continue my 'Practically Perfect' mission during my first half term?

I am going to plan each day.  Very unlike me, as I normally just go with the flow but in an effort to keep us all happy and smiling I am making plans!

Not only do I have half term but also this Friday is a teacher Training day so I have 6 days (not including weekends as Daddy is home then too!) to manage to entertain and have fun with my children cheaply whilst also getting all the normal household tasks done.

As yet I have no idea about Friday, as I only remembered this morning that it was teacher training.  I remembered as we were about to walk out of the door to go to school with my son looking pristine in his school uniform, when  I also rememberd that today was a non school uniform day.  We had to have a very quick outfit change,  we JUST made it to school in time!

Luckily last week our school sent out a leaflet detailing a Circus Workshop which will run at our local childrens centre on Monday afternoon.  So that is already booked and sounds like it should be fantastic fun; though how good a four and three year old will be at juggling, walking a tight rope and unicycling remains to be seen!  Added bonus is it is free  -  woohoo!

Tuesday, is Shrove Tuesday so we will make a big deal of making pancakes.  I fully expect my kitchen to be covered in flour and eggs and milk by the time we have finished.  I must remember to buy some maple syrup and lemons though!  (They won't be eaten together I hasten to add!)

On Wednesday I have a friend of mine coming around.  She is wonderful with both of my children and will happily give them all the attention they crave from her.  I just hope we manage to get in a bit of catch up time and gossip time too, because they always seem to think she has come to see them!

That leaves just 2 more days, which I have yet to plan, but will probably invovle Grandparents.  

Over the week we will also read lots of books, play lots of games, and do lots of jigsaws which my daughter has a current fascination with.

So all planned, well close enough, and I will just have to run around and try and keep on top of all the jobs in between.   Suddenly the week doesn't seem so long or daunting and I am looking forward to it!

I'm now actually looking forward to half term, I have a feeling it will be "SUPER SUPER FUN"!!!!

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