Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New or Old Toys?

As I type my son is upstairs playing with toys which are between 25- 30 years old! 

Unbelievably these are all toys which, other than looking a little dated, are still as current today as they were then!

A couple of days ago Daddy decided to venture into the loft and during his search for a SCSI cable I needed (thats another story!) when he came across a box of his old Lego and another box of his old Transformers.   So down they came, I was overjoyed at the thought of more clutter for the house!  (I did get my cable to though!)

Now my son has recently developed a huge interest in Lego and Transformers so it was like christmas again in our house; just without the tons of wrapping paper strewn everywhere!

He didn't care that they weren't brand new and shiny and not strapped into impossible to get into packaging (why do the do that anyway?).  He was just in awe of the 'new' toys and immediately started playing, as did Daddy!  And they are the only toys my son has played with since! 

I used to complain to Daddy about the amount of toys he has from his childhood, even suggested that we should sell them to make some money.  Especially as one of the old Transformers is worth about £50 alone; surrisingly that one is not being played with! 

Seeing my son so happy with all these toys I am now really glad that Daddy kept them for so long!  Though I am also wondering why we spent so much on new versions at Christmas when we could have just wrapped up the old ones, especially as other than being pre-loved these are all still in pefect condition!

So next time my son is complaining we will venture into the loft to see what other old toys Daddy has stored for 25 + years!

(Just a quick note to say  the links in this post are because I wanted the pictures!!!)


  1. My son played with lots of my brothers old toys. They still didn't get knocked about so I've put them up the loft for when the next generation come around. My brothers kids didn't want to play with them, he's got 3 girls!

  2. I can't imagine keeping toys till I have grandchildren but my parents in law have kept everything and it is all such a hit with my kids. Not to mention a great trip down memory lane for us!

  3. How apt - in a modern twist on your blog post, my sister visited yesterday and brought a Playstation (original version) console with her and a load of games. It was one that I'd lent her years ago and forgotten all about. My 10 year old poured over it and my 16 year old reminisced about games that he used to play on it. They ran upstairs and wired it up to the TV in the bedroom and they've had a couple of hours playing on the "old" games. It's been great!!

    Also, when they were all little, I used to rotate the toys in their toy box. Instead of having it rammed full, I used to put a select few in there then change them around the next month. The rediscovery of forgotten toys is great :)