Sunday, February 14, 2010

A natural Domestic Goddess in the making?

No, I'm not talking about me, far from it.  I am referring to my 3 year old daughter.  Currently she has gathered all her ingredients (2 remote controls and a pair of shoes, otherwise known as flour, sugar, butter and eggs) and is making a birthday cake for her brother which will have a car and candles on.   She has also put her baby doll to bed after feeding him a 'cake' she made earlier.

Ok, this is her playing a lovely make-believe game but her instinct and interests are so different from that of her brother that I really do believe she could be natural Domestic Goddess.

Now her brother has always loved helping with any baking BUT that is as far as it goes; he has never shown any interest in helping load the washing machine or empty the tumble dryer.  If my litle girl spots me doing one of these jobs she is there offering her help, and slowing me down!  If  I am peeling vegetables she pulls the chair over and has to place them in the saucepan of (cold) water.  When I am changing the beds she has to take the pillow cases off.   If I am hoovering she always helps, and the same with dusting too; she has her own pink feather duster!

Most of the time this is adorable, though sometimes it is extremely inconvenient, but my point is her brother has never shown the same amount of interest in housework so does this mean she is a natural Domestic Goddess?

Probably not, reality is she probably just likes copying mummy and I am making to much of it!  But it does seem to go deeper than that as she even will stop watching her favourite tv show to help!

Is it a gender issue?  I don't think so; but my observations only involve a boy and a girl, I have no others to compare, so who knows.  I won't be rushing to publish my opinions in a research paper thats for sure.

But I am absolutely amazed, compared to her brother at the same age, at how much she wants to be involved in helping with the daily chores, even cleaning the bathroom but I do draw the line when she wants to help clean the toilet! 

Does this mean she keeps her own room and toys tidy?  Of course not. 

She is far messier than her brother but at least hopefully she is learning how to tidy up her mess.  The question should probably be do you think she will still have a natural instinct to be a Domestic Goddess when she is a teenager?


  1. No! She won't! lol, well, i brought up 3 wee sisters, they were all like that, now, if i handed any of them a feather duster i know where they'd stick it! Ahem. But it's not so simple, they, (we) were all tom boys, spent a lot of time on a farm, and i think that influenced us too. clean is more important than tidy. I myself now have three boys. They're so different! Was quite a culture shock.
    Sal. x

  2. My little girl (she's 18 now) never showed any interest in girly things when she was small. One day she said to me that she didn't know why little girls wanted to play with dolls, they were boring! Now she's a lovely girly girl but she doesn't keep her room tidy!

    Jo xx

  3. Aww bless her!! I don't think I ever took a interest in the housework.. might explain why it seems like such a mission to me now!

  4. Hello Nicola,
    Your blog is very good.
    I'm Kerry and i have 2 boys aged 3 years and 21 months.

  5. Hello - I'm a new blogger too and I found you on the BMB New to Blogging site. I'm really enjoying your blog. It looks beautiful!

  6. I think there are stereotypes with gender roles, I studied psychology and thought then that in the nurture/nature battle, it was nature. But having a 4 year old boy, I think it's actually nature! He is naturally into guns (I really despair) and cars and running around being REALLY loud. On the other hand, he does help me bake (he loves cracking eggs) and always helps with the dishwasher and washing machine. Maybe he's just odd?
    Liked the blog, will come back and look again! Check me out, I started last week. Have blogged for my son for 4 years, but now am blogging for me.