Friday, February 19, 2010

An extra happy boy and a worn out mummy!

I realised yesterday that my 4 (nearly 5) year old  little boy seems 'extra happy' this week. 

Now he is a normally happy and well behaved little boy anyway who laughs alot and likes making others laugh too.  He has a very infectious laugh so you usually can't help joining in anyway!  That is of course unless he is tired, hungry or poorly, when he really can moan and if you get a combination of 2 or more symptoms, well lets just say if you can this situation is best avoided!  But as he probably gets his moaning skills from me I can't really complain, and also I think that is all pretty normal for a nearly 5 year old!

However, this week, he is bouncing around, singing made up songs, playing games nicely on his own and with his sister and also taking great delight in teasing me and his little sister.  It is wonderful.   He is loving every minute; despite his glue ear he is the happiest boy and because of it the the loudest (not sure the neighbours are enjoying the singing as much though!!)  

Now of course this could be because I planned our 'Super Super Fun' half term.   

One day we went to Coconut Island (local soft, fun childrens place) where we met two of his classmates and everyone had lots of  fun - well until  banged my son head coming down a slide.  Another afternoon we  attended a circus workshop; which started with a short show which had the all children in hysterics, fantastic to see.  Personally though I thought the entertainer was a bit creepy and the fact his flies were half open didn't help!  All credit to him though he knew how to make his target audience laugh and roll around the floor in amazement! My son is now incorporating some of the jokes into home!  The children were all then allowed to try to walk a tightrope using long colourful poles to balance, ride (or should I say race) wobbly bikes, bounce on trampolines, dress up and even juggle. My two didn't want the workshop to finish!  

For pancake day we made LOTS of batter, with my two doing their own measuring and sieving of flour, pouring of milk and egg breaking.  I did the cleaning up!  Daddy finished work early and we had lots of laughter throwing pancakes around the kitchen.   I was shocked that my children didn't enjoy eating the pancakes, but being allowed and encourage to throw them around they thought was brilliant! 

We spent ages in the local artshop on another day and came home with the supplies to make beaded necklaces and treasure chests.  The treasure chests are gorgeous; obviously my little girls is very pink, it is covered in pink felt and decorated with pink glitter glue, and my boys, well it looks like a pirates tresaure chest that is assuming of course that pirates treasure chests have lots of blue glitter glue on them!  (As soon as the weather gets a bit better I have plans to fill the treasure chests with gold chocolate coins I have saved from Christmas for a treasure hunt in the garden too - but thats for another post!)

I have enjoyed it to and am really proud as inbetween all the fun I have also managed to just about stay on top of the housework and fit in a few other required chores too, oh and we have baked a huge batch of fairy cakes and read lots of books too. Phew, it all sounds exhausting!

So I was feeling really good; taking the credit for my 'extra happy' boy but then I started to think and then started to worry.  Maybe it isn't because he has enjoyed having quality time and doing lots with his mom and sister maybe it is because there are problems at school.  Maybe I have missed something...  Arrrg.  I confess I am a worrier and it got worse the split second I became pregnant as I want to make sure everything is perfect my off spring.   I am learning though that by spending time worrying and fretting I am missing out on the fun times  so I am going to stop worrying and just believe that my little boy is 'extra happy' because he has enjoyed his week with his mummy. 

And in case you wanted to know what are we doing for the rest of today, as little as possible as I am worn out!


  1. ha ha, i do exactly the same things, all happy about how well things are going and then start worrying about why they are going so well. We're our own worst enemies!

  2. My husband says I can always find something to worry about in the best of situations - its natural for Mummies to feel like that.
    You would know if there were problems at school I'm certain, so don't worry!

  3. Oh my goodness, you haven't stopped. I imagine you need a lie down for a week after all that excitement. Sounds like you have a lovely family, hardly anything to worry about. Great post.

    CJ xx

  4. Yes there's always something to feel guilty about and if there's not, we invent something! Sounds like you had a perfect week. Thought of event planning?? My son has glue ear, and is going into hospital in 2 days time to have gromets. Feeling a bit weirded out by it! Humdrum Mum x

  5. Thanks Crystal :)

    Humdrum Mum - hugs for you and your son, think I would be wiered out to. Just think how much more he will enjoy things being able to hear rather than not. xx

  6. Oh my, you deserve the Supermum Crown after all that! And I LOVE the treasure chest idea!

    If I were you I'd just enjoy the super happy phase while you can, treasure every moment!

    WM x

  7. Thanks Working Mum - just want the snow to stop and the sun to come out so we can do a proper treasure hunt!