Thursday, February 04, 2010

Here I come, ready or not... first post, I hope you like it.

Don't worry, I know I am not a 'Practically Perfect Mummy!' but I do want to be, after one day, a few weeks ago, my four year old son gave me a huge hug and said;

"You are 'Practically Perfect Mummy!" 

Wow!  It brought tears to my eyes. I mean he was completely wrong and of course I know it. But still, it was lovely to be told.

So I now aspire to perfection; but it is hard work especially with two young children constantly pushing the boundaries.

I keep promising myself that tomorrow I will shout less, moan less, complain less and more importantly spend more time laughing and playing with my gorgeous two children who are growing up so quickly.

But I still have days when I don't manage perfection; actually I can't think of any when I have managed to achieve it.  To be fair to myself, the worst days are normally after a badly disturbed nights sleep (I swear my two conspire and plan whose turn it is to wake mummy up at 3am!) 

I need to find more quality time to spend with them each day, and definately need to laugh and giggle more.

So in an attempt to fulfill my quest I am going to ignore the washing up from lunch/the washing machine that needs emptying and refilling/the carpet that needs vacuming and go and play hide and seek.

I am on my way to being a 'Practically Perfect Mummy!' and you never know one day I might get there.

(Oh and, in case you were wondering, we were watching Mary Poppins at the time he told me!)

So here I come; ready or not


  1. Awww bless him! good luck with your new blog and becoming a totally perfect mummy!!

  2. If you compare yourself to others and your own version of practically perfect then maybe you don't always measure up but your son you are his practically perfect mum. He has his own version of what it means and you tick the boxes.
    I need to remeber the laughing and giggling bit too.
    Jo x

  3. Kids are great - they say it how they see it. Well done on your new practically perfect blog, I look forward to following along :)