Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll Do It Tomorrow!

Every now and again (probably more often than I like to admit!) I have a day where other things take over from what I need to do or I just don't feel like doing what I should be doing.  

Today was one of those days!

I had so many good intentions when I woke up this morning but the day has been hijacked by telephone calls and visitors and a general feeling of 'I'll do it tomorrow'.

After today my 'To Do List' for tomorrow includes:

1) A really good vacuum/sweep up in the kitchen as today I was really naughty and kicked all the crumbs and dropped bits of food under the kitchen counter as I didn't feel like getting the vacuum out after preparing breakfast/lunch or dinner.  (I have never done this before and it felt really naughty lol!)

2) Use the washing machine as today I didn't.  (I did empty the tumble dryer and out everything away though so at least I am all ready to start fresh tomorrow!)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]3) After school tomorrow I have to give my children some time and attention as today within seconds of getting home from the school run the phone rang and then as I was saying 'bye' the door bell went.  My son asked for the film 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs'; normally I would put him off till the weekend but today I put it on without batting an eyelid so I could talk to my visitor in peace. 

4) Make the chicken curry I had planned for dinner tonight a delicious (left over) chicken curry but because I was talking I ran out of time to prepare it for tonight so instead we had my cheats tortilla pizza (basically a tortilla covered in a tomato sauce (made from quickly mixing tomato puree, tomato ketchup with a splash of Olive Oil and some Basil) and then covering with grated cheese.  Definately not a gourmet meal, but very quick and easy and the kids eat it!

5) Make Bolognaise this was meant for tomorrow nights dinner, but I still have to make it otherwise the minced beef won't be fit for human consumption.  I think I'll get the slow cooker going in the morning, and then freeze it tomorrow evening.  Consolation is I will have some pre-prepared meals in readiness for another 'I'll Do It Tomorrow' day!

Do I feel bad or guilty.  No.  Everything I have put off can wait until tomorrow, its not like I do it everyday.  Just next time maybe I should try and do it when I haven't already got a busy tomorrow!

I should add that my dad had a stroke in early January and following rehab he is now ready to go home (with support from the Stroke Team). So for the last few days I have been having calls from Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and Support Workers to make sure everything is in place.  And by everything in place that means a long list of things for me to do (my jobs for tomorrow!) - the perils of being an only child! (That sounds like it should be the title of another blog!)

Friday, February 19, 2010

An extra happy boy and a worn out mummy!

I realised yesterday that my 4 (nearly 5) year old  little boy seems 'extra happy' this week. 

Now he is a normally happy and well behaved little boy anyway who laughs alot and likes making others laugh too.  He has a very infectious laugh so you usually can't help joining in anyway!  That is of course unless he is tired, hungry or poorly, when he really can moan and if you get a combination of 2 or more symptoms, well lets just say if you can this situation is best avoided!  But as he probably gets his moaning skills from me I can't really complain, and also I think that is all pretty normal for a nearly 5 year old!

However, this week, he is bouncing around, singing made up songs, playing games nicely on his own and with his sister and also taking great delight in teasing me and his little sister.  It is wonderful.   He is loving every minute; despite his glue ear he is the happiest boy and because of it the the loudest (not sure the neighbours are enjoying the singing as much though!!)  

Now of course this could be because I planned our 'Super Super Fun' half term.   

One day we went to Coconut Island (local soft, fun childrens place) where we met two of his classmates and everyone had lots of  fun - well until  banged my son head coming down a slide.  Another afternoon we  attended a circus workshop; which started with a short show which had the all children in hysterics, fantastic to see.  Personally though I thought the entertainer was a bit creepy and the fact his flies were half open didn't help!  All credit to him though he knew how to make his target audience laugh and roll around the floor in amazement! My son is now incorporating some of the jokes into home!  The children were all then allowed to try to walk a tightrope using long colourful poles to balance, ride (or should I say race) wobbly bikes, bounce on trampolines, dress up and even juggle. My two didn't want the workshop to finish!  

For pancake day we made LOTS of batter, with my two doing their own measuring and sieving of flour, pouring of milk and egg breaking.  I did the cleaning up!  Daddy finished work early and we had lots of laughter throwing pancakes around the kitchen.   I was shocked that my children didn't enjoy eating the pancakes, but being allowed and encourage to throw them around they thought was brilliant! 

We spent ages in the local artshop on another day and came home with the supplies to make beaded necklaces and treasure chests.  The treasure chests are gorgeous; obviously my little girls is very pink, it is covered in pink felt and decorated with pink glitter glue, and my boys, well it looks like a pirates tresaure chest that is assuming of course that pirates treasure chests have lots of blue glitter glue on them!  (As soon as the weather gets a bit better I have plans to fill the treasure chests with gold chocolate coins I have saved from Christmas for a treasure hunt in the garden too - but thats for another post!)

I have enjoyed it to and am really proud as inbetween all the fun I have also managed to just about stay on top of the housework and fit in a few other required chores too, oh and we have baked a huge batch of fairy cakes and read lots of books too. Phew, it all sounds exhausting!

So I was feeling really good; taking the credit for my 'extra happy' boy but then I started to think and then started to worry.  Maybe it isn't because he has enjoyed having quality time and doing lots with his mom and sister maybe it is because there are problems at school.  Maybe I have missed something...  Arrrg.  I confess I am a worrier and it got worse the split second I became pregnant as I want to make sure everything is perfect my off spring.   I am learning though that by spending time worrying and fretting I am missing out on the fun times  so I am going to stop worrying and just believe that my little boy is 'extra happy' because he has enjoyed his week with his mummy. 

And in case you wanted to know what are we doing for the rest of today, as little as possible as I am worn out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New or Old Toys?

As I type my son is upstairs playing with toys which are between 25- 30 years old! 

Unbelievably these are all toys which, other than looking a little dated, are still as current today as they were then!

A couple of days ago Daddy decided to venture into the loft and during his search for a SCSI cable I needed (thats another story!) when he came across a box of his old Lego and another box of his old Transformers.   So down they came, I was overjoyed at the thought of more clutter for the house!  (I did get my cable to though!)

Now my son has recently developed a huge interest in Lego and Transformers so it was like christmas again in our house; just without the tons of wrapping paper strewn everywhere!

He didn't care that they weren't brand new and shiny and not strapped into impossible to get into packaging (why do the do that anyway?).  He was just in awe of the 'new' toys and immediately started playing, as did Daddy!  And they are the only toys my son has played with since! 

I used to complain to Daddy about the amount of toys he has from his childhood, even suggested that we should sell them to make some money.  Especially as one of the old Transformers is worth about £50 alone; surrisingly that one is not being played with! 

Seeing my son so happy with all these toys I am now really glad that Daddy kept them for so long!  Though I am also wondering why we spent so much on new versions at Christmas when we could have just wrapped up the old ones, especially as other than being pre-loved these are all still in pefect condition!

So next time my son is complaining we will venture into the loft to see what other old toys Daddy has stored for 25 + years!

(Just a quick note to say  the links in this post are because I wanted the pictures!!!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A natural Domestic Goddess in the making?

No, I'm not talking about me, far from it.  I am referring to my 3 year old daughter.  Currently she has gathered all her ingredients (2 remote controls and a pair of shoes, otherwise known as flour, sugar, butter and eggs) and is making a birthday cake for her brother which will have a car and candles on.   She has also put her baby doll to bed after feeding him a 'cake' she made earlier.

Ok, this is her playing a lovely make-believe game but her instinct and interests are so different from that of her brother that I really do believe she could be natural Domestic Goddess.

Now her brother has always loved helping with any baking BUT that is as far as it goes; he has never shown any interest in helping load the washing machine or empty the tumble dryer.  If my litle girl spots me doing one of these jobs she is there offering her help, and slowing me down!  If  I am peeling vegetables she pulls the chair over and has to place them in the saucepan of (cold) water.  When I am changing the beds she has to take the pillow cases off.   If I am hoovering she always helps, and the same with dusting too; she has her own pink feather duster!

Most of the time this is adorable, though sometimes it is extremely inconvenient, but my point is her brother has never shown the same amount of interest in housework so does this mean she is a natural Domestic Goddess?

Probably not, reality is she probably just likes copying mummy and I am making to much of it!  But it does seem to go deeper than that as she even will stop watching her favourite tv show to help!

Is it a gender issue?  I don't think so; but my observations only involve a boy and a girl, I have no others to compare, so who knows.  I won't be rushing to publish my opinions in a research paper thats for sure.

But I am absolutely amazed, compared to her brother at the same age, at how much she wants to be involved in helping with the daily chores, even cleaning the bathroom but I do draw the line when she wants to help clean the toilet! 

Does this mean she keeps her own room and toys tidy?  Of course not. 

She is far messier than her brother but at least hopefully she is learning how to tidy up her mess.  The question should probably be do you think she will still have a natural instinct to be a Domestic Goddess when she is a teenager?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why is my son being naughty?

I like to have a reason for my children's changing behaviour and this last week my son has been a lot naughtier than he has been in quite a while. 

He is 4 1/2 and exactly half way through his first year at school.  He is normally a fantastically happy little boy with a level of understanding above his age.  If I take him to the local library he heads straight for the non-fiction book so he can find more things to learn about - all his own choice.

But this last week he has been different; louder, more emotional,  ignoring me when I ask him to do something and day dreaming alot more.  The worst is the louder; he is just hollering everything.   'MUMMY' being the main one, even when I am stood right next to him.

One day when I collected him from school  he shouted at me directly in front of his teacher so I took the opportunity to ask her if he was like this at school.  She said he had been louder but that at this stage of the school year most children are like it as they are now comfortable enough to fight for attention.   That made sense; and I had a reason and it wasn't my fault so no black marks for my parenting skills.  I just thought we need to sort this out.

Then yesterday I realised that my little boy isn't just ignoring me he isn't hearing me.  

I asked him if wanted some chocolate and I had no response.  Now I know I didn't ask very loudly and I wasn't right next to him but normally an offer of chocloate can be heard from any distance.  So I went closer and whispered 'Do you want some chocolate?'.  Still no response.  At this stage his Dadddy joined in and whispered 'Do you want a present?'   Still no response.  So I said, quite loudly, 'Have you just heard us talking?' and he turned around with a startled look on his face and said, really politely 'Sorry mummy, what did you say?'  I felt terrible.

This time last year, when we again had lots of horrible colds my little boy developed Glue Ear.  After a few weeks it cleared up without treatment and we didn't get it again, that is until now. 

Glue ear is a condition where the middle ear fills with glue-like fluid instead of air. This causes dulled hearing. In most cases it clears by itself without any treatment.

I do deserve a black mark for not picking it up sooner my little boy isn't being naughty at all, he can't hear as well as he can normally. So he is louder because he can't hear himself; not responding because he isn't hearing what is asked of him;  day dreaming because he can't hear what is going on around him and more emotionally because he isn't understanding. 

I am going to do some research on how best to handle this, as I can't remember what we did last year, but I do know my little boy deserves sympathy and hugs not to be labelled as naughty.   It is most definately not a stage but a medical issue.

Off to give my little boy a hug whilst I feel guilty for not picking it up sooner.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Super Fun!

AAAAAARG!   I have just started getting used to having a couple of hours a day to do what I want/need to do as my youngest daughter started pre-school mid January and next week is have a half term .  AAAAARG!  

What am I going to do? 

She loves those couple of hours at pre-school, as she tells me everyday is 'SUPER SUPER FUN!'    My son loves school - he has a fantastic teacher.

I love those couple of hours too because I can run around and clean the house, tidy the toys, catch up with friends and go round the shops in half the time it tackes with my children in tow.  Don't get me wrong I love my children but suddenly I really appreciate that by having two hours a day on my own I am actually able to give them more quality time so it is win win!   Which all helps in my quest to have them always think of me as Practically Perfect!

So how am I going to cope and continue my 'Practically Perfect' mission during my first half term?

I am going to plan each day.  Very unlike me, as I normally just go with the flow but in an effort to keep us all happy and smiling I am making plans!

Not only do I have half term but also this Friday is a teacher Training day so I have 6 days (not including weekends as Daddy is home then too!) to manage to entertain and have fun with my children cheaply whilst also getting all the normal household tasks done.

As yet I have no idea about Friday, as I only remembered this morning that it was teacher training.  I remembered as we were about to walk out of the door to go to school with my son looking pristine in his school uniform, when  I also rememberd that today was a non school uniform day.  We had to have a very quick outfit change,  we JUST made it to school in time!

Luckily last week our school sent out a leaflet detailing a Circus Workshop which will run at our local childrens centre on Monday afternoon.  So that is already booked and sounds like it should be fantastic fun; though how good a four and three year old will be at juggling, walking a tight rope and unicycling remains to be seen!  Added bonus is it is free  -  woohoo!

Tuesday, is Shrove Tuesday so we will make a big deal of making pancakes.  I fully expect my kitchen to be covered in flour and eggs and milk by the time we have finished.  I must remember to buy some maple syrup and lemons though!  (They won't be eaten together I hasten to add!)

On Wednesday I have a friend of mine coming around.  She is wonderful with both of my children and will happily give them all the attention they crave from her.  I just hope we manage to get in a bit of catch up time and gossip time too, because they always seem to think she has come to see them!

That leaves just 2 more days, which I have yet to plan, but will probably invovle Grandparents.  

Over the week we will also read lots of books, play lots of games, and do lots of jigsaws which my daughter has a current fascination with.

So all planned, well close enough, and I will just have to run around and try and keep on top of all the jobs in between.   Suddenly the week doesn't seem so long or daunting and I am looking forward to it!

I'm now actually looking forward to half term, I have a feeling it will be "SUPER SUPER FUN"!!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Here I come, ready or not... first post, I hope you like it.

Don't worry, I know I am not a 'Practically Perfect Mummy!' but I do want to be, after one day, a few weeks ago, my four year old son gave me a huge hug and said;

"You are 'Practically Perfect Mummy!" 

Wow!  It brought tears to my eyes. I mean he was completely wrong and of course I know it. But still, it was lovely to be told.

So I now aspire to perfection; but it is hard work especially with two young children constantly pushing the boundaries.

I keep promising myself that tomorrow I will shout less, moan less, complain less and more importantly spend more time laughing and playing with my gorgeous two children who are growing up so quickly.

But I still have days when I don't manage perfection; actually I can't think of any when I have managed to achieve it.  To be fair to myself, the worst days are normally after a badly disturbed nights sleep (I swear my two conspire and plan whose turn it is to wake mummy up at 3am!) 

I need to find more quality time to spend with them each day, and definately need to laugh and giggle more.

So in an attempt to fulfill my quest I am going to ignore the washing up from lunch/the washing machine that needs emptying and refilling/the carpet that needs vacuming and go and play hide and seek.

I am on my way to being a 'Practically Perfect Mummy!' and you never know one day I might get there.

(Oh and, in case you were wondering, we were watching Mary Poppins at the time he told me!)

So here I come; ready or not